About Us

Hello! My name is Ebony, but children and grown-ups in class call me “Bunny!” I created “Fun in The Sun, Music and Movement Class” and carefully curate each session of classes myself to meet themes I choose as well as the needs of children who attend class. 


    I was a professional Nanny for about a decade. I studied early childhood education, with focuses in children’s social and emotional development, their physiological health, first aid, cpr, car seat safety, and more. 

   My passion for taking care of children using the most up to date, evidence based, peaceful, and respectful parenting techniques as a professional Nanny has carried over into the care of my own children; ages 5, 3, and 1. Whom are happy, healthy silly-heads!

Before and during that time I spent many years in choir, band and was also a member of RIMEA All-State choir twice. I have always loved music and practiced it as a hobby.   

   Over the year of 2020 I noticed my own children missing out. Not seeing family members, regular friends, even smiling faces in the grocery store were scarce. There were no classes available for children and when there were they were filled with restrictions that did not align with our families ideals. 

    It was clear to me that nearly every child was experiencing this unprecedented, intense mental and emotional strain for far too long. Something needed to change!

  Although I was already working as a full-time mom, part-time Nanny, and also gearing up to put our house on the market I decided to jump in and create “Fun in The Sun, Music and Movement Class” mid-year 2020! What started as just a few grown-ups with their children bloomed into multiple classes a week. I was filled with excitement and continue enjoying creating classes for so many children to enjoy!

Now class is loved and attended by many grown-ups and children from all different backgrounds, all of which are extremely welcome! 

My heart is full of pride and joy over the community I have created and will continue to foster. 

 Thank you so much,

  see you in my Circle in the Sun! 


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